National Safety Stand Down-Week!

General Steel, the manufacturers of Gentex Scaffolds for more than 60 years, is inviting construction companies and interior contractors to our company this week to see our wide array of fall protection rolling scaffolds.  Our Gentex Scaffold product line ranges from the versatile 4’ tall Midi-Staff models when you are working in tight spaces up to our unique 8’ tall model, which gives you a critical 2’ advantage over the competition allowing you to access areas that would be otherwise out of reach.

And our scaffolds are not limited to traditional rectangular designs.  We have manufactured numerous custom configurations as unique as a rolling scaffold that was completely circular so that the techs at an Exxon laboratory could get close to and around a cylindrical tank.  Safety was a priority so this system had circular guard rails and a convenient walk-up staircase.

With regard to safety, productivity and ease of use, when it comes to these key focal points of OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down Week, General Steel Stands Up to the competition.

Safety is not just a mater of having guard rails, outriggers, perfect ladder rung positioning or anti-skid platforms.  It is also a matter of thoughtfully engineered design.  And Gentex’s signature design of keyhole slots and hooks, which originated here in the 1950s, makes using our scaffolds easier than others.  And the rugged nature of our heady-duty design means you don’t have to worry about a Gentex Scaffold wearing out or failing like so many of those films, light-duty imports.

Visit us in Boston or visit our website to see our numerous models and why many of our customers have been with us for over 30 years!

Gentex Scaffolds…Still 100% Made in the USA!

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